We are working to define the system change needed to realise the potential of GSP.

  • Develop a Derbyshire-wide collaborative framework to bring existing and new partners together to create a sustainable scaled–up model that better connects social prescribers and providers, so more people can be helped to access local green spaces.
  • Identify and embed appropriate referral routes from referring organisations.
  • Initially focus support on testing across urban and rural locations, on people with mental ill health and communities of high deprivation and inequalities and make services accessible to those least in contact with nature at present, experiencing a spectrum of non-clinical mental health conditions to provide benefit from greater contact with the natural world.
  • By addressing the challenges and barriers, aim within two years to have a vibrant network of health, environment, VCFSE sector, social prescribers and community providers all contributing to the success of social prescribing across Derbyshire and Derby City.
  • Support nature-based activity to become a fully integrated and accepted element of our local approaches to community resilience and connectedness.
  • Develop robust programme management, safeguarding, GDPR, quality assurance and other resources to support existing social prescribing activity.
  • Support access to a range of nature-based opportunities within walking distance or 20 min travel.
  • Provide Green Advocacy across the system to increase understanding of green options.
  • Produce a collated resource of nature-based activities for testing purposes and future use.

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